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Fight for ADHD

“ADHD”-Almost everyone has heard of it, and usually when people think about it...

ADHD. Almost everyone has heard of it, and usually when people think about it, they think about a bouncy child who blurts out things randomly. However, most don’t think about the struggles that such people, kids and adults alike, have to face when they experience the symptoms of ADHD. It is a much more serious problem then I think most people believe, and the fight for treatment for it would result in much better lives for millions across the globe.

ADHD can be broadly classified into 2 different groups: hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive. The former is usually the one people associate ADHD with. It makes people have a harder time restraining impulses, making them have to constantly move or blurt things out. This doesn’t seem too bad, but it can make social situations awkward and stressful having a massive impact on a person’s psyche. The latter though is the more unheard of part of ADHD. People with this type, like myself, are usually extremely unmotivated by tasks, are easily distracted, and are generally inattentive. While these don’t seem like the worst symptoms, they are extraordinarily impactful on daily life. It makes every day occurrences, like school or work, much harder and more stressful to accomplish. Kids especially have a hard time in school and struggle with motivation to get better, trapping them in a viscous cycle. I was, and still partly am, in that cycle, and honestly, it’s like hell. I don’t want other kids experiencing such a thing, so I’m willing to fight for a cure.

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